A piece of Treasure-like Trail Trash wrecked my bladder and now I have a Platypus

I was nearly complete with Hike 21 of my 52 Hike Challenge, hiking along the ridge in Jenny Jump State Park, when I saw something shiny in the rocks along the side of the trail. Continue reading

Teton Sports Oasis 1100: Review

The only experience I’ve had with water hydration packs was while sharing one with a few friends hiking in the Tongass National Forest near Juneau, Alaska.  We were saving the water in my water bottles for cooking, since it would be easier to manage once we got to camp.  The hose leaked, the mouth piece was chewed up, and I questioned the last time it was cleaned.  I didn’t let it ruin the amazingness of the hike, but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth.  Continue reading