How a GoPro put me back in touch with nature

Most of the pictures I’ve taken on While adventuring were taken with a Kodak Advantix (remember those?), a Cannon Power Shot (10mp point and shoot), or one of my various iPhones (3GS, 4S, and 6).  When I purchased my GoPro Hero 3+ last year I knew it would change the way I documented my adventures, but I never expected it to change the way I experienced my adventures

photo ©

photo ©

I found myself juggling between my iPhone 6 and GoPro while on the trail, using my iPhone as a view finder, and trying to balance everything on uneven terrain.  I was spending more time making sure I got the shot than actually enjoying myself and the awesome outdoorsy-ness that I was surrounded in.  I was documenting myself instead of enjoying myself – and we all know that the person filming the action sports never has as much fun as the guys and gals actually doing it.  Something had to change.

I wanted to start tracking my coordinates to see exactly how long the hikes were that I was completing, so a few hikes ago I decided to leave the iPhone in my pocket to let it do its GPS-ing via the MotionX app, and only take pictures with the GoPro (without the aid of a viewfinder.)

Shot with Cannon Power Shot in Bolivia

Taken with Cannon Power Shot in Bolivia – ©

It was a little hard at first, but I was having so much fun stalking a wood pecker that I didn’t really care if the pictures came out or not.  What I got in return was not only a collection of amazing pictures, and a map of where I went, but a renewed appreciating for the land that I got to explore.

photo ©

taken with GoPro Hero 3+ without a viewfinder ©

The GoPro app made the experience even easier – with the ability to send pictures to my phone once I got back to the trailhead for easy social media sharing.  (Once you’re addicted to Yonder App, there is no turning back.)

I’ve been enjoying my time outside even more since I freed myself of the viewfinder – and I challenge you to do the same!