How a GoPro put me back in touch with nature

Most of the pictures I’ve taken on While adventuring were taken with a Kodak Advantix (remember those?), a Cannon Power Shot (10mp point and shoot), or one of my various iPhones (3GS, 4S, and 6).  When I purchased my GoPro Hero 3+ last year I knew it would change the way I documented my adventures, but I never expected it to change the way I experienced my adventures Continue reading

thirty for thirty

Today is my thirtieth birthday – a day that I’ve spent most of my adult life dreading.  The closer today got, the less comfortable I became with the idea of my age starting with a “3” again.  It hasn’t done that for 27 years, and frankly, I don’t remember being three.  Even though I’ve done quite a few awesome things in my life, I found myself concentrating on all of the things that I haven’t done.  I decided to not let thirty get me down any longer – because like most things – thirty is what I make of it.

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