Shifting green

Sometimes the simplest modifications are the most rewarding.

I’d been dealing with a cracked shifter knob in the TJ for a few years now… and even though I don’t need the shift pattern to know how to change gears… it was annoying to hang onto the factory knob without the inset diagram present.

I had debated going with a t-handle like the one I had on my first car (an 89 VW Jetta) which I had installed after getting tired of the make shift tennis ball shifter I had in there for a year or so prior.

Replacing a shift knob is one of the cheapest and easiest modifications you can do to a Jeep; simply unscrew the old knob and screw on the new one. This one came with a nut to go on the shaft first to assure the shift pattern displays correctly. Screw the nut first, then tighten the shift knob and tighten the nut to it, and you’re done… New shift knob installed in 2 minutes.

In any regard, I’m very pleased with my green shift knob in the green Jeep!