Toyota FT-AC debuts in LA

Coming off the heels of the FT-X4 (Future Toyota 4X4) that we saw in NY; Toyota revealed their newest adventure mobile, the FT-AC (Future Toyota Adventure Concept).What looks like a mix between a Rav-4 and a Subaru Crosstrek they could call it the Cross-4… or the Rav-treck; either of which would be cool adventure-mobile names.The FT-AC is the next iteration of a design plan that left off with the FT-4X, this being a more production ready looking design, yet still far from production ready. Like the last concept, this one is focused on outdoorsy types who are likely shopping the smaller of Jeep’s Trailhawk models or one of Subarus X-Mode enabled vehicles. The black trapezoidal fender flares are right out of the Jeep playbook and the off-road Wagon o Subaru’s. Tow hooks, skid plates, roof racks, and all terrain tires are all well and good, but without an advanced 4WD system this won’t be anything more than a rugged looking Station Wagon. So please, Toyota, give Jeep and Subaru a run for their money and give this a true low range 4WD system and watch the adventure seeking buyers come and Instagram the heck out of this colorful Ute! The pair of FT concepts that we’ve seen this year aren’t quite ready for trail testing, but it certainly shows that Toyota is on a good path towards a great little adventure mobile.