Toyota FT-4X Offroad Concept [gallery]

The FT-4X is Toyota’s conceptual product plan to compete for the outdoor adventure loving milennials’ hard earned cash. With efficient commutability, off road capability, and an integrated gear shed – Toyota hopes to gain buy-in from young professional outdoorsy folks.

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Backside First

Toyota FT-X4 Off Road Concept

The rear hatch, called Multi-Hatch, opens two ways: horizontally in Urban Mode, and vertically in Outdoor Mode. Urban Mode splits the hatch in half and makes for easy loading of larger items.

Toyota FT-X4 Off Road Concept

Outdoor Mode opens the one-piece hatch upward, as you would expect from any compact SUV or crossovers.

Toyota FT-X4 Off Road Concept

The door’s design also incorporates a rotatable handle that users turn to select its opening mode.

Toyota FT-X4 Off Road Concept

All Hooked Up

The high-visibility reflective front and rear twin tow hooks are secure anchor points for vehicle recovery tying down loads (or roof mounted kayaks).

Toyota FT-X4 Off Road Concept

Haul Aboard

Big item hauling is made easy with a reinforced flat roof. Each of the four tie down hoops placed at the roof’s corners include a power outlets set at the base. Users can power a variety of campsite accessories or illuminate the inside of their rooftop tent.

Toyota FT-X4 Off Road Concept

The Rear Cargo Zone’s floor lays completely flat and features topside tracks for securing cargo.

Toyota FT-X4 Off Road Concept

A deep storage compartment is hidden underneath, and can be accessed by sliding the floor out toward the Multi-Hatch, transforming the floor into a external tray similar to that found in the current 4Runner. Folding the second row bench seat down extends the floor’s capacity from the Multi-Hatch to the back of the front seats. Red tie down hooks line the sides of the rear’s cargo hold, too, for added load securing.

Toyota FT-X4 Off Road Concept

Over the River and Through the Woods

In order for the FT-4X to hold its own in the backcountry, Toyota will have to keep its promise to create a “mechanical four-wheel drive and selectable low-range” that will allow the vehicle to traverse terrain inaccessible by other vehicles of its size. This, along with the more than 9 inches of ground clearance, skid plates, rocker protection and impressive approach and departure angles will make it a truly versatile adventure mobile.

Toyota FT-X4 Off Road Concept

Read more about Toyota’s FT-4X Concept here:  toyotaft4xmoderncasualcoretoolbox


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