Hike 15: Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain

Despite the fact that I’ve been staring at the names of these last few hikes in my notebook for months, every outing feels like a new discovery. For hike 15 I returned to the Ted Stiles Preserve to hike Baldpate Mountain. 
Baldpate Mountain Hike TrackHike 15 stats:
Date: April 17, 2016
Weather: 40°F, Sunny
Trails Hiked: Summit Trail (blue), Ridge Trail (white), NW Loop Trail (red)
Distance:  3.78 miles
Time: 1.28
Total Ascent: 702′
Highest Elevation: 469′
Highlights: Views of Deleware River, bird sightings, rock scrambles
Map: Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain hiking map – NJhiking.com

DCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPROIt wasn’t until I started writting this post, and checking my track with the trail map, that I realized I never actually made it to the summit of Baldpate Mountain; I’ll head back later this summer to hike the remaining trails and reach the summit (all 470 feet of it).