UV Buff® Insect Shield®: gear review

I picked up a UV Buff® Insect Shield® a few months back to test the adventure-ability of the head garment (and because I wanted to be like all of the cool outdoorsy folks on Instagram who wear them.)  Here’s what I think so far.

My initial question was whether this hat-band-hood-kerchief could completely replace a bandana.  I’m a big fan of simple, versatile gear and a bandana falls just a few steps below duct tape in my book.  So in addition to looking fashionable on the trail, the Buff would need to perform – most importantly at keeping my bald head cool, and as un-burnt as possible.

I took my new Buff home and tried it on.  It took some fenagaling, and google image searching to determine the best fit on my head.  I tried to replicate all of the proper ways to wear it before having my Goldielocks moment and finding the perfect fit.

You can see Buff’s images here

I’ve worn the Buff on every hike since purchase and quite frankly, I love it. The main benefit to the Buff over a bandana is the ability to cover my entire head, including the top back section that a bandanna can easily expose without warning.  The adjustability allows me to quickly go from headband, to full head cover, to full head and neck (beard) cover.  The lack of a knot at the back of your head also allows the Buff to be worn under a hat or helmet.BuffUSA-Gear-Review_9288

The Buff isn’t quite the bandana replacement I thought it would be though.  Mainly because I’m less likely to use it to blow my nose or as a makeshift tournequet – but I could if need be – which is the important part.  The bandana has remained on my go-to gear list, but hasn’t been on my head since I got the Buff.  I haven’t had any issues with sunburn and all bugs I’ve found on my person have been far from the Buff coverage area, so I’m assuming the insect repellent actually works. I would abolutely recommend the UV Buff® Insect Shield® if you’re looking for a great piece of headgear (or if you want to look cool on Instagram.)

The Buff pictured and reviewed here was purchased for personal use; kevinspocket.com has no affiliation with Buff USA.