Surprise Vinyl

A few weeks ago I noticed a package on my front steps. I couldn’t remember ordering anything, and didn’t recognize the return address. Not thinking that I had any enemies… At least non who know how to make anthrax…I opened it.

I peeled the tape back and pulled a slightly used Rickie Lee Jones vinyl out of the package. There was a note taped to it, with a signature that I could neither recognize nor read. I racked my brain, started thinking of old friends from the music business that may have found this record and for some reason thought to send it to me. Nothing was adding up.  Especially the United States Senate stationary.

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monumental media medium makeover!

About two years ago; I made a pretty big decision regarding the medium of my media. I was tired of re-purchasing music, not having it when I wanted it, not being able to enjoy it as much as I wanted to, or simply not being able to find it. Something had to change, and ultimately; I decided to skip the middle man and go with an Old School/New School music library.

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