Flying Floridian Fiascos 

A recent hikerchat prompted a few conversations about how to handle difficult and unpredicted situations while traveling.  For some unknown reason; the majority of my airport debacles have taken place in Florida – thankfully always on the return leg of the trip. Continue reading

thirty for thirty

Today is my thirtieth birthday – a day that I’ve spent most of my adult life dreading.  The closer today got, the less comfortable I became with the idea of my age starting with a “3” again.  It hasn’t done that for 27 years, and frankly, I don’t remember being three.  Even though I’ve done quite a few awesome things in my life, I found myself concentrating on all of the things that I haven’t done.  I decided to not let thirty get me down any longer – because like most things – thirty is what I make of it.

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Alaskan Initiation

I always liked the idea of traveling the world…
but never had the motivation to really look into how a person would go about doing such a thing. It seemed cool to say: I’d like to backpack through a foreign country – yet I hadn’t bought a pack, or even as much as a travel guide. The opportunity to visit Alaska fell in my lap; and without any research, or much planning – I opened a new chapter in my life, and was bitten by the proverbial ‘travel bug.’

yes, there are rain forests in Alaska – and yes, I left a bit thinner :)

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Pocket Power Fail

Have you ever been so ridiculously proud of your genius solution to an innovation dilemma… That it physically hurt when it didn’t work out?

The Great Adventures of Kevo: Part II, Machubamba; required some pre-trip techie planning to assure full use of GPS tracking while exploring South America. The most obvious and necessary problem to figure out was power. Any explorer who has taken advantage of GPS tracking apps on their iPhone knows how great they work, and how they suck the life out of the battery, especially if you set the screen bright enough to be able to see where you are while outside!  The goal was to find an external battery or alternate charging method that would extend GPS (and overall) usage time and allow the device to remain in it’s OtterBox protective case.