2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk spotted

The 2017 Jeeps haven’t been added to Jeep’s website yet, but vehicles are already hitting dealer lots – spotted this white Grand Cherokee Trailhawk today and can confirm that the starting price for the new Jeep is $42,995 before options and destination fee. Continue reading

An icon for an icon: Renegade makes its North American debut in New York

As the press sat patiently waiting for the ‘big news’ from Jeep – a clear sign of what was to come hung from the rafters.  The jerry can influenced X which is dominantly portrayed on Renegade’s roof and tail lights stretched clear across the room. Continue reading

Cherokee’s identity crisis continues with SRT speculations

The all new Jeep Cherokee has had a rough start, and it hasn’t even hit dealer lots yet.  Starting with leaked photos, that were quickly denied by Chrysler as being the new Cherokee, then un-denied with a “hey just kidding, that is the new Cherokee” statement; the 2014 Jeep Cherokee was officially introduced at the New York Auto show in March to mixed reviews.  Mike Manley stood on stage as the Trail Hawk version of the new Jeep drove over a mocked rock trail showcasing the Liberty replacement’s off road ability; confirming its “real Jeep” status.  Despite Manley’s claim that the Trail Hawk has already conquered “Hell’s Revenge” in Moab; many enthusiast are still doubting its actual capability, and the choice of the name “Cherokee.”  With delays keeping Trail Hawk Cherokees out of enthusiast reach while the vehicle’s right to bear its name is being questioned; why on Earth would you leak that a tricked out street rated SRT version was in the works? Continue reading

2014 Jeep Cherokee: early preview

Jalopnik threw a monkey wrench into Jeep’s plans on Friday when they published undisguised spy shots of the upcoming 2014 Jeep Cherokee, the long awaited Liberty replacement. The photos, found here, were not the ideal way for Chrysler’s next big move to meet the world, and after a few denial tweets, Jeep released 4 official photos of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee.

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Is the Compass really a Jeep, thing?

When Jeep introduced the Compass for the 2007 model year; I instantly thought (and still think) that it was one of the best names ever given to a vehicle with adventurous aspirations – something Jeep vehicles have always represented. However; the Compass didn’t quite live up to its Jeep heritage, or its own name for that matter. When Jeep announced that Compass would receive an update for 2011; I wasn’t expecting more than a minor appearance refresh.  I simply didn’t think that Chrysler would invest a lot of money, time, and energy to significantly update a vehicle that they have already announced will be replaced in a few short years.  I was wrong about that, and thankfully so.

Photo: Courtesy of Chrysler

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