Mango Tango Jeep Cherokee TrailHawk Spotted [gallery]

I’ve been waiting to set see a Mango Tango Cherokee TrailHawk since the KL was introduced almost two years ago.  Finally, with the help of a friend who spotted it, I was able to track one down.  This particular model was pretty well optioned and had a sticker price just shy of $40K.  If I were to buy a Trailhawk, it would most certainly be a V6 Mango with the tow package. Continue reading

the world’s best offroader, gets better for 2012

With the addition of bold new colors, a few new options, and (most importantly) the new 3.6L pentastar-heart; Jeep pours some much needed life back into their icon for 2012.

Photo Courtesy of Chrysler

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