Watch Out for the Hound Fish: kayaking in the keys

I recently wrote about my Flying Floridian Fiascos – which included my experiences flying home from my honeymoon in Key West.  I got to thinking about that trip and how I had originally thought of Key West as too touristy for me – but after many months of wedding planning, it was great to just relax a bit, and not have to worry about what would happen if we drank the water.  One of the major highlights of the trip was our sunset kayaking excursion with Blue Planet Kayak. Continue reading

Train Rated Jeeps

I don’t have any official statistics to back my claim – but I’m pretty confident in saying that the Jeep Wranger has one of the biggest aftermarkets, and is one of the most modified vehicles of recent decades.  We see a lot of cookie cutter Jeeps, all lifted the same way, with fancy wheels, and knobby tires that most likely never see mud – but every once in a while you see a gem.  A completely crazy, off-the-wall, I-can’t-believe-that’s-a-Jeep Jeep. Continue reading