mounting Jumbo in Juneau

I’ve been thinking a lot about my 2009 trip to Alaska recently.  That trip involved a lot of firsts.  In addition to being my first time traveling solo, my first time sleeping in a hostel, my first time kayaking in a glacier lake, and my first time west of the state of Kansas; my trip to Alaska was the first time, and currently the only time, that I had the opportunity to summit a mountain.  On my final full day in Juneau, my sister and I climbed more than 3,000 feet to the peak of Mount Bradley Jumbo.

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Alaskan Initiation

I always liked the idea of traveling the world…
but never had the motivation to really look into how a person would go about doing such a thing. It seemed cool to say: I’d like to backpack through a foreign country – yet I hadn’t bought a pack, or even as much as a travel guide. The opportunity to visit Alaska fell in my lap; and without any research, or much planning – I opened a new chapter in my life, and was bitten by the proverbial ‘travel bug.’

yes, there are rain forests in Alaska – and yes, I left a bit thinner :)

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