Jeep Gladiator spotted!

They’ve finally arrived at dealers! The 2020 Jeep Gladiators are here, and they’re expensive! Continue reading

Why the Willys Wheeler is the Wrangler you Want

I’m pretty sure anyone who is into cars, Jeeps, trucks, tractors, or mopeds goes through phases where they debate selling their current project for a newer, fresher version. I’ve gone through several periods where I debate selling the TJ, buying a new Jeep, and starting over.  This happens more frequently when the TJ is waiting on repairs (like it is now) and even more so now that the JL has been revealed and is starting to hit dealers.  If I were to buy one of the last new JKs – I would go for the Willys Wheeler. Continue reading

Firecracker Wrangler: legal in all 50 states

I spent a good part of the weekend going through thousands of pictures, and hours upon hours of video in an attempt to clean up and reorganize my laptop and hard drives.  I was successful, but also realized that I never posted the pictures of the Firecracker Red JKs I’ve spotted over the last few months.  I found two unlimited Sports, and a 2 door Willys – still huniting for a color match top. Continue reading