2017 Volkeswagen GolfWagen AllTrack – you had me at locking differentials

Yes, a station wagon with locking differentials! We’re not talking about selectable Wrangler Rubicon style lockers – but electronic lockers that activate while in off-road mode is pretty badass for a station wagon.  This once-for-Europe-only adventure wagon has some serious back country gear haulin’ potential – and it’s heading to the US. Continue reading

The 2015 Colorado is the truck we’ve been waiting for

I’ve never been much of a “Chevy Guy” – The only GM vehicle I’ve ever owned was a 1989 two door s10 Blazer, a small SUV from the dawning era of SUVs! It was a good little truck, but I haven’t given Chevy much of a thought since then.  But now, I can’t decide if I’m actually in love with this new outdoor enthusiast’s dream truck… or if Chevy simply hired a really good marketing team for the reintroduction of the Colorado. Continue reading