Modern Love is a Taco Truck – 2016 Toyota Tacoma Revealed

Toyota isn’t going to give us the details until the official press conference on Monday, but the fact that they released images ahead of time leads me to believe that this new tacoma is more than just a facelift. Continue reading

The 2015 Colorado is the truck we’ve been waiting for

I’ve never been much of a “Chevy Guy” – The only GM vehicle I’ve ever owned was a 1989 two door s10 Blazer, a small SUV from the dawning era of SUVs! It was a good little truck, but I haven’t given Chevy much of a thought since then.  But now, I can’t decide if I’m actually in love with this new outdoor enthusiast’s dream truck… or if Chevy simply hired a really good marketing team for the reintroduction of the Colorado. Continue reading