About Kevin

Adventure Seeker: My adventure needs started at a time when most first experience the thrill of new things; childhood. Coming from a large family; we often drove places, as it was cheaper than flying, and my parents could make a vacation out of the trip, in addition to the destination (God bless them for dealing with 5 young children for who knows how many hours.) Many people would think of seven people crammed in a station wagon for a few thousand mile road trip as a nightmare… but looking back, those are some of the fondest memories I have. We took several trips from our base camp (home) in New Jersey… to Missouri, and Florida – hitting most states east of the Mississippi. I think the road was where my love of cars began as well – someday I hope to drive my Jeep from coast to coast. I took my first big trip as an adult (sans parents) in 2009 to Alaska and California (dubbed ‘Alaskafornia,) followed by a trip to South America in 2010. These trips really introduced me to backpacking and hiking – two things I have really come to love.

Tech Lover: Not literally of course. I’ve become more engrossed with gadgets in the last few years – the advancements of smart phones, tablets, high powered laptops, etc. But I’m also interested in older technology – like CB and HAM radios, learning to read maps with analog instrumentation, like a compass; learning more about using the stars for navigation, etc.  Old or new, I’m a fan of techie stuff.  I love incorporating tech into other aspects of my life (adventure seeking, music making, or with the Jeep.)

whoa back when I had hair!!!Music Maker: I purchased my first guitar about at the ripe age of 13 – and taught myself how to play it. I’ve played in school bands, church bands, punk rock bands, and most recently solo acoustic one man bands.   I use an array of effect pedals and loop samplers in my live show to simulate multiple members and multiple instruments.  It’s really fun to play, and I’ve been told it’s fun to watch too.  I’ve fallen out my former habit of playing live until I got sick of it and have recently been focusing on writing rather than performing.  I plan on writing some posts about my favorite gear; maybe even a video or twenty.  Check out www.kevinreavey.com for more info on my music.


Bibliophile: N one who loves to read and/or collect books. My (beat to near death) set of the Harvard Classics are the long time favorite in my library. I’m a big fan of used books and used book stores – mostly because I love to read the notes that original owners left in the margins… or the inscriptions on the inside cover. iPads and E-Readers are cool… but sometimes reading a piece of paper is still more enjoyable than reading text on a screen.

Gearhead: N one who loves to take things apart and make better – especially things that say Jeep on themI purchased my 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport in 2007 with just over 69,000 miles on it.  She’s already passed 150,000 miles, and has more of my blood and sweat in her than oil. My friend named her Holly (Holly the Jolly Green Giant, to be exact.)