Sierra Blue Jeep Renegade sighting!

I’m digging the blue renegade – just wish it was a trail hawk.  Sierra Blue is very similar to Wrangler’s Hydro Blue in person.   Continue reading

2015 Jeep Renegade – Omaha Orange spotted!

I’m a sucker for cool colored Jeeps – and I’m glad that the rainbow of colors is something that carried over into this vehicle that was ‘inspired by the Wrangler.’  I’ve been Renegade hunting for a week now since hearing that they started to hit dealers.  Here is a nice Trailhawk in Omaha Orange. Continue reading

Firecracker Wrangler: legal in all 50 states

I spent a good part of the weekend going through thousands of pictures, and hours upon hours of video in an attempt to clean up and reorganize my laptop and hard drives.  I was successful, but also realized that I never posted the pictures of the Firecracker Red JKs I’ve spotted over the last few months.  I found two unlimited Sports, and a 2 door Willys – still huniting for a color match top. Continue reading

Sunset Orange 2015 Wrangler Sport Sighting

I’m a sucker for a nice orange Jeep. Mango Tango is still the best Orange (in my opinion) of recent years, but Sunset Orange is certainly a color I would order a JK in, if I were ordering a JK. The best way to describe the new orange is to imagine if Crush and Rock Lobster had a baby. Sunset is well named for the hue; with a nice mixture of red and orange, while remaining dominantly orange. Continue reading

Mango Tango Jeep Cherokee TrailHawk Spotted [gallery]

I’ve been waiting to set see a Mango Tango Cherokee TrailHawk since the KL was introduced almost two years ago.  Finally, with the help of a friend who spotted it, I was able to track one down.  This particular model was pretty well optioned and had a sticker price just shy of $40K.  If I were to buy a Trailhawk, it would most certainly be a V6 Mango with the tow package. Continue reading